“The level of talent encapsulated in Kendall’s show is astounding; with its professional air, it is difficult to believe that it was created by such young…students.”


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This modern day adaptation of Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro placed the opera-buffa in modern day Westminster. Inspired heavily by the BBC drama ‘The Thick of It’, the performance included Boris-bikes, video footage from London, news bulletins and a full live orchestra conducted by Chris Blex.


In the brand new translation written by director Robin Kendall and performer Florian Panzieri, the Count is found reeling after their party’s crushing defeat after a damaging coalition. Naturally, the Count’s course of action is to pursue the wife of one of his party members: Susanna. With some fruity language from Basilio the spin-doctor, dodgy tories, tabloid journalists and lovelorn interns, the performance was a huge success.



The Marriage of Figaro