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Offenbach loved Paris in the springtime, and that’s exactly what Opera Warwick is bringing you just in time for Valentine’s Day!


Follow the dashing young Gardefeu around the city’s most fashionable parties, meet Paris’s celebrated beauties and finish the evening in the Café Anglais with some of the city’s most affluent visitors. But will these elite tourists be rich in love? As mix-ups and mischief abound, can the wealthy and aristocratic be bamboozled by their quick and clever servants, or will everyone be out-smarted by the beautiful seductress, Métella?


Skip queueing for the Eurostar and join us for a V.I.P. tour of Paris, a timeless love story, and a lot of laughs. Stand back from the platform’s edge, relax, and join us for an off-the-rails evening of La Vie Parisienne.